Thursday, January 13, 2011

perfect day

I managed to make an early escape from the reference desk on the first day of our new computer catalog system (whew!) thanks to a school visit to Garlough Elementary's 3rd graders. I visited 3 classes of terrific 8 year olds who greeted me with cries of "I remember you!" and "I remember when you read The End." Talk about feeling special when they remember something I did 2 years ago.

This time I read Kevin O'Malley's Once upon a Royal Superbaby which is a companion book to his Once upon a cool motorcycle dude. The story is told in the dialog of a boy and a girl, forced to work together on a school project: writing a fairy tale about a king and a queen. The boy's part of the story is full of laser guns, robots, motorcycles and a supermuscular baby named Strong Viper. The girl's version is about lovely Queen Tenderheart and her beautiful baby Sweet Piper and is full of unicorns, shopping, sweet birds and tender family moments. The book is a riot and tremendously fun to read aloud...if you're at all melodramatic (which I am in spades!).

The kids hung on every word, laughed uproariously and clapped when I finished. In other words, the perfect audience. I don't remember the public librarian ever visiting my school but I am so glad I get to do it, and with such a warm welcome from teachers and students alike. I love talking about reading and about all the cool programs at the library.

And I love Kevin O'Malley and his fun-to-share books!

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