Saturday, March 6, 2010

an excellent traveling companion

Now that the Olympics are over and my time is, at long last, my own, I once again have my nose in a book. It has been a rough week--I've started three books and returned all of them. In spite of being well-reviewed in the library literature, they were not of interest to me. (I've been a devoted reader for enough years that I don't feel obligated to finish every book I start--there are plenty of books awaiting me that I will really truly enjoy reading. Really.)

I just started Stephen Fry in America: fifty states and the man who set out to see them all and look forward to spending time with this witty and wonderful traveling companion. Stephen Fry is quintessentially British and a man of many talents, acting and writing amongst them. Seeing my native land through his eyes should be quite entertaining (and, maybe, eye opening?). He is starting his journey across America, driving a British taxi, in Maine.

A few words about Stephen Fry--the perfect Jeeves (with Hugh Laurie (you know, House M.D.) as the clueless Bertie Wooster), a heartbreaking Oscar Wilde (the movie Wilde is painfully sad but Mr. Fry is extraordinary), intelligent, funny and eye-catching (well over six feet tall with a nose that points to his left ear and all-seeing blue eyes). I've enjoyed watching his movies and reading his books. Give one or the other (or both) a try.

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