Saturday, October 11, 2008

an unexpected pleasure

Sometimes the cover of a book catches the eye and that book must be read! I noticed Storyteller by Edward Myers when I was checking in new books at my library. I had to read it. The cover is warm, dark colors of a male storyteller facing the audience he is enchanting with his tales--their faces make up the cover. The story is of 17 year old Jack, son of a poor and struggling family in a kingdom ruled by a king who seems to be without a heart. Jack lives to tell stories and wants storytelling to be his life's work. He sets off to make his fortune, gaining the companionship of Loquasto, a black mynah who is in love with a fish. He ends up in the royal city and is, after telling a story that the kings does not want to hear, named royal storyteller. He falls in love with the Princess Stelinda, insults her arrogant brother Prince Yoss and befriends Zephyrio, a powerful illusionist. Then the adventure begins.

Books set in a vaguely medieval time period with a royal attachment of some kind get me every time (I really love Karen Cushman's Catherine, called Birdy to the point of making a Halloween costume, complete with donut headpiece, to celebrate the book). Jack is a warmhearted and thoughtful hero, Loquasto's love situation adds an interesting and fantastic touch to the story and the villains are properly hate-able.

I'm so glad that the cover caught my attention...

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